Requirements for registration and accreditation of an activity by OMSB-CPD

Step 1:  Online application

Online application for CPD activities must be filled by the organizer and submitted to the Staff Development Unit for approval at least 6 weeks prior to event. The online system has been programmed to reject Category I activity applications if submitted less 6 weeks in advance. The application should include the following information.

-       Completed online CPD Application form.

-       Learning objectives.

-       Copies of Curriculum Vitae for each speaker in the CPD activity

-       Program/ schedule of the activity

Step 2:  Staff Development Unit approval

Staff Development Unit reviews the CPD activities submitted.  Category I activities are then submitted online by Staff Development Unit to OMSB-CPD office for accreditation; while category II activities are accredited internally by the Staff Development Unit.

Step 3:   OMSB-CPD office approval

Once the OMSB-CPD office received the online application for category I activities by the Staff Development Unit, it then assigns a credit value to the program considering the information available on objectives, content, educational contact hours, target audience, expertise of speakers, venue, and scheduling of sessions. However, if the information provided is incomplete, the online application will be sent back to the corresponding Staff Development Unit and will not be processed further until the OMSB-CPD office receives the missing information. Submission of incomplete applications may result in unnecessary rejection due to delay in time.

Step 4:   Announcement of activity by organizers

Once the event is accredited by OMSB-CPD Office, it sends its approval of accreditation status along with the number of credit hours to the Staff Development Unit. The organizer can then announce the activity.

Note: All brochures and announcements must be uploaded in the online application for approval prior to printing & distribution.

Brochures etc. must include:

1. Target Audience;

2. Learning Objectives;

3. An outline of topics;

4. Method of registration including fees;

5. Venue of event;

6. Contact address of Organizer for further information.

7. Organizing Department(s)/Hospital(s)/Institution(s);

8. Event Category type (I or II);

9. Number of CPD credits allocated by OMSB for event;

Step 5:   Documentations required from an organizer during a CPD activity

The organizers of an activity to ensure the following:
  • Keep a record of attendance of all participants. These records should be kept by organizers for a minimum of five years and made available upon request from OMSB-CPD office.
  • Participant fill in both evaluation forms (speaker and event). Evaluation forms are available on CPD website, however, they can be modified to suite the CPD activity to record the program’s potential influence on the participant’s performance, behavior and clinical practice.

Step 6:      CPD credit point allocation to participants by Organizers

The CPD organizer is responsible to verify participants’ attendance and allocate number of credit hours for the event based on attendance.

Step 7:      Certificate of attendance

The CPD organizer then issues a certificate of attendance to all participants, including the title of the activity, OMSB registration number, name of participant, number of CPD credits and organizing body.

Step 8:      Maintenance of CPD credits record

Participants should keep track of all their CPD activities by maintaining their online documentation on the CPD credit portal section in the website. In addition, all participants should keep the attendance certificate for future verification of documentation.

Step 9:      Event evaluation summary by Staff Development Department

The CPD organizer then collects and analyses the speaker evaluation and event evaluation forms to formulate a report based on the summary of evaluation forms. The report should then be submitted to OMSB-CPD office within 30 days. If the CPD provider/organizer fails to submit the report to the OMSB-CPD office, future CPD accreditation will not be granted to the organizer until report have been submitted.

Step 10:   Monitoring and Follow up

The OMSB-CPD office monitors CPD activities that are accredited by OMSB across all regions of Oman. In addition, 10% of all healthcare providers registered for CPD program will be monitored each cycle randomly and are required to show documentation for verification for all CPD activities.